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Lecture Halls
Small Auditorium

*Note*  If needed for space, microphone, sound system, and speakers provided by the event staff.


Marc Marcel’s workshops provide students with exercises and lessons to promote creativity and stage presence. The workshop is a wonderful opportunity to reach out to those interested in learning more about poetry, novel writing, performing and the art of Spoken Word. The class is focused on improvement and moving beyond one’s perceived fears, and limitations. The workshops are a fun and supportive setting in which students can share their talents with an experienced artist, as well as their peers. Students are encouraged to bring laptops or notepads and pens or pencils to the workshop.

Hour Workshop Outline & Topics Covered:

  • Discussion of the benefits of creating your artistic position

  • Writing Prompts – Exercises to motivate creativity

  • Create a poem from Writer’s Block

  • Editing

  • How to transform your poetry into your journey

  • Marc Marcel Question & Answer session

*Note*  Workshops are usually held alongside when booking a performance, but can be executed alone if preferred.  For a workshops guideline, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the ‘Marc My Words Productions’ staff, and request one.

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