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Marc Marcel writes on a variety of topics, covering politics, relationships, social issues, and pseudoscience.  He is a novelist, as well as a writer of non-fiction and metaphysical philosophies. 

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Quotes: Marc Marcel's Quotes

These are the quotes and thoughts of one of today's most controversial spoken word artists of his generation. The quotes were posted and taken over the course of a decade, from 2010 to 2020.


Re-Released: 2021

BOOK COVER - My Time Here with
Memoirs: Psychedic Trip Book

Marc Marcel takes us on his extraordinary voyage for truth, and understanding to the meaning of life. ‘My Time Here with People,’ takes us deep into the astral realm with an accurate account of the Out-of-Body Experiences, Shamanism (Dimethyltryptamine DMT), and surreal moments that have provided him with some of the most fascinating answers to creation, God, the Universe, and our connection to it.


Re-Released: 2020

BOOK COVER - The Book That Doesn't Even
Philosophy on the Meaning of Life

The Book That Doesn’t Even Matter,’ is a philosophy on the purpose of human life, and our connection with God.  If you have ever wondered why ‘You’ are here, how life came into existence or what God is and your connection to it, ‘The Book That Doesn’t Even Matter,’ may hold the answers you are looking for.  The book’s focal point is remembering, remembering what ‘You’ really are, and why you are here.  These thoughts are not an accident, you wanting to know more about yourself is not a coincidence.  It all has a purpose in you finding out the greatest mystery of all…who you truly are!  The answers you seek are just ahead of you.  It is been a long road, but you are on the right course, and the journey has just begun.


Released: 2013

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Novel (Fiction)

Saint Thomas, a 5th college senior in Atlanta, GA, feels a major change coming in his life. With friends from many walks of life, and a heart of gold, this daydreamer finds himself analyzing every angle of life that surrounds him, from his teacher, employer, and his love interest, while trying to find the balance in remaining friends with a buddy from a trouble past. Of all the experiences Saint endures during his last year of school, someone who would give a dollar to someone who only needed a dime, could find themselves the victim from something he least expected, may be his most important lesson in life. Gwendolyn D. Morgan, Professor of English, Clark Atlanta University, says, “Much about this novel will transcend age and gender because it is actually about making choices and the effects that these may have on people's lives and futures.”


Released: 2000

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