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The Book That Doesn't Even Matter

BOOK COVER - The Book That Doesn't Even
Philosophy on the Meaning of Life

The Book That Doesn’t Even Matter,’ is a philosophy on the purpose of human life, and our connection with God.  If you have ever wondered why ‘You’ are here, how life came into existence or what God is and your connection to it, ‘The Book That Doesn’t Even Matter,’ may hold the answers you are looking for.  The book’s focal point is remembering, remembering what ‘You’ really are, and why you are here.  These thoughts are not an accident, you wanting to know more about yourself is not a coincidence.  It all has a purpose in you finding out the greatest mystery of all…who you truly are!  The answers you seek are just ahead of you.  It is been a long road, but you are on the right course, and the journey has just begun.


Released: 2013

Marc Marcel writes on a variety of topics, covering politics, relationships, social issues, and pseudoscience.  He is a novelist, as well as a writer of non-fiction and metaphysical philosophies. 

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