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"Nobody ever motivated me

more than the first breath

I take in the morning."

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Marc Marcel has been called “One of the most consciously aware spoken word artists of our generation.” Born and raised in Baltimore, MD., Marcel was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 10. He has traveled the world, performed in 8 countries and over 150 American cities, published 5 books, produced 19 spoken word CDs and 20 books of poetry, and performed for over 50 universities, including Harvard and Yale.


He has made 5 national television appearances (BETJ Lyrics Café, No Reservations, etc.), entertained the US Military Base in Qatar at the Al Udeid Air Base, and performed at the Smithsonian in Washington DC for the 2009 Presidential Inaugural Peace Ball for President Obama. 


Marcel is an example of how positive thought can effectively dictate your reality.  Entertaining crowds with poetry and metaphysical stories about his experiences, such as spending Christmas in a Mexican jail cell for trespassing on the Tulum Mayan Ruins during the historic 2012 winter solstice or his near-death experience on United Flight 328 when the engine exploded, he has exceeded the early boundaries brought on by his learning disability to become one of the most important thinkers of our day. 


He is the author of ‘The Book That Doesn’t Even Matter,’ a philosophy on the meaning of life, and the creator and animator of an animated series called ‘Gurus,’ a cartoon satire of history’s greatest philosophers.



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